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Welcome to the Essential Feature of:

Response to Behavior Violations


Feature Purpose: Providing ALL students who display problem behaviors with clear, consistent, and educative responses from ALL adults across ALL settings, ALL day, every day.

Feature Outcomes: Increasing consistency in corrective response increases predictability for ALL students. Predictability increases student initial compliance, student compliance with re-direction, and decreases the likelihood that student behaviors will escalate when they are approached by an adult for correction.

Proficient Level of Implementation is:

·     We have defined and staff have reached consensus on Classroom -  managed / minor and Office -  managed / major behaviors.

·     We have developed and staff have reached consensus on a flow chart and written procedures defining all staff and administrators’ roles to follow which is a teaching-focused process to respond to Classroom - managed / minor and Office -  managed / major behaviors.

·     All staff consistently follow the teaching- focused process for responding to Classroom -  managed / minor and Office -  managed / major behaviors and consistently use a teaching tone, demeanor and words.

·      All faculty, staff and students have been taught, have practiced and consistently follow the emergency or crisis plan that has been developed and is posted in every classroom and every nonclassroom setting.

Implementation Examples include:


         Definitions of classroom managed vs. office managed behaviors

         Procedures for referring students for disciplinary incidents

         Procedures for Safe Seat, Buddy Room & / or Think Sheets

         Referral Forms

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