After the War
Frederick Douglass didn’t last until the end of the war he died on February 20, 1895 just 2 months before the war ended. He died of heart failure in his home in cedar mills, Washington. He had 4 kids and 2 wife's; one when he died and one had died and he got remarried.
Right before he died he had gone to a national council of women in Washington and when he got home he had a massive heart attack/stroke and died

Douglass pool
Was named after Frederick Douglass

Role During The War:
 Frederick Douglass was a lecture speaker and a writer during the civil war. He went around speaking about how bad slavery was and how it needed to end and his lectures got through to a lot of a people and they started to realize how bad it was and they started to do more things about it. It helped to prove his point ,he was a slave, so he could use his experiences as a good reference and he could have a personal knowing about it and not  information from books and what other  people say about slavery.

He was also a writer. When he had free time, not doing a lecture, his books were mainly about  real topics like slavery and the war. He also wrote some books about what he spoke at the lectures but not as many. The more his speeches were polished the less people believed him ,that he was a slave, until he published the book “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass” which later became “Life and times of Frederick Douglass”
He was the most dynamic at the abolition movement than anything else that he did.

Before the War:
Frederick Douglass was a slave and he was treated very badly so when he was speaking at lectures he knew how the slaves felt because he had been one before he ran away to the north and he dropped his two middle names and made his last name Douglass, so his master wouldn't recognize him.
He did a little  bit of speaking before the war but mostly he didn’t and he only did it with small groups.





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     Frederick Douglass was/is on a postage stamp for 25 cents.

Frederick was the most famous black person in his day and the best orator they had ever seen.

Frederick Douglass's house.

This is the house that Frederick Douglass was a slave in and lived in until he ran away.

Frederick Douglass High School
This school was named after Frederick  Douglass this school is about  102 years it was named Frederick Douglass in 1892 but had two other names  before that.

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Frederick Douglass



Lecture Speaker and book writer



Born:  Feb 7, 1817
Died:  Feb 20, 1895



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