PTA Meeting Minutes


New Haven PTA Meeting

November 2, 2004

Provisional, Pending Approval


Attendance:  Cindy Giovanini – principal, Tracie Wideman – president, Kristen Ventrillo – vice-president, Nancy Harrison – treasurer, Carol Almony, Victoria Mongillo, Linda Lou Schyler, Michelle Dobbins, Janell Tallmage, Robin Sherman, Daniel Weil, Lisa Mefrakis, Gina Mauller, and Mary Palffy


The meeting was called to order 5:35 p.m. 


The minutes were approved as submitted.


Reading of Amendment to Bylaws: Mary Palffy proposed PTA meeting a by-law amendment.  Mary proposed that Article VI, section 8 #d, read “The committee shall nominate an eligible person or persons for each office to be filled and report its nominees at the regular general membership in March, at which time additional nominations may be made from the floor.”  It was also proposed at this PTA meeting that Article II, section 1 part a remove the words “of worship.” Article II section 1, part c; remove the words “and spiritual education.”  The amendment was seconded by Catherine Sweet and was approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  See report.  Upcoming expenses include the “teacher supplement” checks that will be sent out this month as well as monies from the Family Fund, which will be used to purchase meat certificates for the needy families.


Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Giovanini stated that 15 families would be receiving holiday baskets.  Our partners in education have adopted nine of these families.  New Haven school is also helping by holding a food and other non-perishables drive.  Recess/Inclement weather was discussed and the importance of having the children be outside each day for fresh air and exercise.  Guidelines are in place for outside time according to the temperature and wind chill.  Holiday parties will be held on Friday, December 17th.  Kindergarten and 1st grade will have parties in their classrooms at 3:00 p.m.  Second and 3rd grades will be participating in the Holiday Around the World.  Fourth and 5th grades will be celebrating Holidays on the Prairie and the Colonial Holidays.  The winter concert will be held on Thursday, January 6, 2005.  Due to busy schedules the concert has been moved from December to January.  The concert will have a multicultural theme this year.  Contact has been made with the O.J. Semmes Montessori Academy in Florida.  This is in regards to the Hurricane Relief efforts brought to the PTA by Mayra Long.  The school has stated that they are in desperate need of books.  It was suggested that we might want to hold a book drive.  Tracie Wideman will be making further contact with the school.     


Building and Grounds:  Linda Schyler reported that the basketball hoops are now in place and being enjoyed by the students.  It was decided that the $750 that is in the current budget for the grounds committee would be used to purchase two tetherball poles and balls as well as a Gym-i-ni ball structure.


Old Business:  Nancy Harrison reported that the Book Fair was a huge success.  The Media Center will receive lots of books, $500 in cash to purchase items for the library, and some book vouchers.  Barb also received a rocking chair donated by Michelle Dobbins.  There was discussion regarding a half-price book fair in the spring that would coincide with Grandparents Day.


New Business:


Spring Fundraiser:  There was discussion regarding a Spring Fundraiser.  Cookies were brought in as a sample, but it was decided the quality was not very good.  Other suggestions were a jewelry sale around Valentine’s Day, Frozen Foods, and Flower Bulbs.  There was also discussion about making cash donations.  It was suggested that a note could be sent home stating how much money the school would make if you purchased items from the catalogue vs. donating the cash.


Chili Supper/Sock Hop:  Michelle Dobbins discussed the event, which will be held on February 6, 2005.  The time will be 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.  Michelle asked for opinions regarding food sales and if we should offer something other than hot dog and chili.  It was decided to keep it the same as it has been in the past except prices will be raised for a full meal (chili, hot dog, drink, snack).  The price will be raised from $4.00 to $5.00 for the full meal.  A half meal will remain the same at $3.00.


The meeting adjourned at 6:45



Respectfully Submitted

Alethea Tennill