Pixies: Wave of Mutilation - Greatest Hits


Genre: Indie Rock

Dates: Late 1980's

Lending Kurt Cobain the inspiration for Nirvana's soft-loud dynamic shifts has become the Pixies claim to fame; much has been made of the fact that the latter band got rich and the former didn't, but, I'm sorry, Black Francis was 1/18th the singer Cobain was. Nirvana made far better albums, too—which makes this compilation an outstanding idea. It outshines every record the band ever made, with the possible exception of the very consistent Bossanova. You're not going to get much other than fun out of the lyrics, which are free-association silliness, but…the guitars. And did I mention the dynamics?

1. Bone Machine
2. Nimrod's Son
3. Holiday Song, The
4. Caribou
5. Broken Face
6. Gigantic - (single version)
7. Vamos - (Surfer Rosa version)
8. Hey
9. Monkey Gone To Heaven
10. Debaser - (Doolittle version)
11. Gouge Away
12. Wave Of Mutilation
13. Here Comes Your Man
14. Tame
15. Where Is My Mind?
16. Into The White
17. Velouria
18. Allison
19. Dig For Fire
20. U-Mass
21. Alec Eiffel
22. Planet Of Sound
23. Winterlong