Hickman Review

Hickman High School
1104 N. Providence
Columbia, MO 65203

Carol Kieninger
Gwen Olson


    The mission of the Hickman Review is to publish the highest quality art and writing which echoes the diverse student body. The publication process is extremely student-centered and student-powered. Students solicit entries, select the entries for publication, design the magazine, produce the actual magazine on Pagemaker, publicize and market the publication, and organize a coffeehouse evening for the debut of the new Hickman Review..


    The Hickman Review has consistently been awarded the All American Award from NSPA during the 1990s.  The 1998 Hickman Review was one of two magazines to share the title of best in state of Missouri by the National Council of Teachers of English.  The same magazine was awarded five stars of distinction for graphic layout, artistic vision, literary merit, production quality, and overall effect by the National Scholastic Press Association.  This ranks our magazine within the top thirty in the country.


    Although the 1999 Hickman Review cost over $20 per magazine to produce, we are able to make them accessible to students and others for $5 per magazine.





$25 to $49 

$50 to $99 

$100 to $499 

$500 + 

Sponsors and benefactors receive a copy of the magazine.
All donors are listed in the magazine. 

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Further magazines may be obtained by a Hickman Review staff member or sponsor.

For more information, please contact Carol Kieninger or Gwen Olson at (573) 214-3000.

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