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Note: underlined titles are links to those works that appear on the website.



2        Candy Land

Nicki Wootton

3        Plea for Prosody

Caitlin Johnoff


4        Dragon Lady


Kirsten Seaberg


5        Black Candle


Brent Watts, Jr.

5        Melissa

Michael Tahani

7        Spoon

Mallory Brown

8        Dandiya

Arthi Vellore

9        Music Lesson

Matthew Szewczyk

9        Rhythm Drops

Nan Hao

10      The Shrink

Michael Washington

14      Christmas Surprise

Wendy Batson

15      Nirvana (Otherwise Known as the Wrestling Meet)

Mehdi Jawadi

16      Fierce Tranquility

Brian Anderson

16      Akhenaton’s Sea Song

Rokaya Helfer

17      Brooding With Bubbles

Helen Chaimberlain

25      Kitty Mortis

Ashley Menezes

26      Mr. Fritz

Joe Schaeperkoetter

28      Cambios / Changes

Elizabeth Bonanno

32      The Love of Day and Nighttime’s Lust

Lindsey Arrington

34      Last Call

Molly Williams

36      Thou Shalt Rock On

Zac Fruits

37      Has cambiado mi vida / You’ve changed my life

Luis Yarnai

49      Horrors of Necessity

Nick Krueger

53      Winter’s Gift

Rachael Heaton

54      Out the Door

Zack Heath

55      Vindictive Vermin

Sean Squires

61      Haiku-ish

Jordan Parshall

64      Smallest Salvation

LaDawn Cole

64      Just Like That, It’s Gone

Joe Gaboury

66      Him

Sophia McGuirk


67        I am Jack’s Raging Bile Duct

Katie Hemmann

72        Ernie

Amanda Gaubitz

72      Song of Spring

Lisa Li

74        Fire

Timothy Douglas

81      Confidence

Jennifer Tracy

84        Crimson River


Robert Keller Jenkins

87        Hears to Us

Danielle Boenisch

92        Was, Am, to Become

Joe Kirby

92        Dejection Hotel

Kya Marienfeld

94        Forever 27

Chris Andrews


6          Valley of the Shadow: Out of Bosnia

Nermin Memic

11      The Dim Sum Disaster

Kenny Tan

12      Fishing in the Lake of Hades

Milton Chaimberlain

14      Weak to Strong

Sean M. Squires

18      Ride With Me

Tony Galbreath

19      A Little Taste of Reality

Sarah Wood

20      Lions and Life

Daniel Saab

21      Senior Reverie

Justin Jackson 

23      Red Light District

Meredith Harrison

24      Oops!


Patrick Phillips


27      Temujin Will Answer Tomorrow


Jacob Thomeczek


30      When Will We Ever Learn?


Noah Myers


35      Midnight Sanctuary


Nate Edwards

46      AIMing

Michelle Whitesides

50      Friday Night

Nick Krueger

51      The Day I Met God

Michael Tahani

52      Coming Alive

Ben Shelton

54      Kclab and I

LaDawn Cole

56      Heaven On Earth

Caroline Lame


56      Learn about Me

Brett Hatcher

57        Playing God

Rachel Heaton

58      Two Births

Luke Harper

60        Standardized Tests

Jay Johnson

60        Competitive Kissing

Keenan Simon

60        Speculating the Spoiled

MariBeth Loesing

62      Face the Music

Kya Marienfeld

68      Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl The Abridged Script

Dan Saab

69      The Encounter

Seth Warren

70      A Story Without a Name Without a Face

Izzie Baldwin

73        Ordinary Sorrows

Joe Schaeperkoetter

76        How I Raised My Mama

Izzie Baldwin

78        Waiting For My Letter

Ryan McNeil

80      The Chipotlean Burrito

Aditya Srinath

82      American Mustang

Wendy Batson

86        Portable Memories

Samantha Ashby

88        Fashionable Foes

Michelle Whitesides

90      Mondays

Nick Meyer

91        Honest

Abby Hendren



38      Everything Must Go

Ben Shelton

38      South Park

Bren McMullen

38      The Interpreter of Maladies

Arthi Vellore

39      Pardon the Interruption

Joel Schilb

42      A Voice for the Untold Stories with David Wilson


Rachel Heaton

(David Wilson is the co-founder of Ragtag Cinemacafé.  Visit their website at


Drawing and Painting

10      Interference

Wendy Batson

13        Barcelonian Boats

Molly Denninghoff

15      Allison

Molly Denninghoff

17        Shimmer

Ellen Burch

25      Suki

Stella McCarter

27      Removed

Danny Giles

28      View of Toledo, Spain

Liz Wissell

32      Looking Up

Alexis Doggett

34      P & R

Molly Denninghoff

35        Eyesee

Travis Tengerdine

36      Inside the Souls of My Shoes

Kristan Baker

49      Gangrene Rainbow

Cody Finley

51      Herculean Derrière

Heather Grice

52      Rocking Through the Night

Heather Grice

55      Climate Function

Danny Giles

57        The Incandescent Solar System

Zac Fruits

58      Baby Me

Heather Grice

61      Botanical Study

Cody Finley

63      Suave

Jacob Broderick

65      David’s Sky

Xiaoxi Liu

66      AP Doodles

Stephanie Romans

67      Lots of Dots

Stephanie Tolliver

71      Grey is in Between

Cody Finley

72        Leaf Series

Kristan Baker

74        Cianciosi Inferno

Trent Kelley

76        Retrospective

Mattheus Leonhard

78        Uranium Showers

Rex McMurry

82        Organism Observation

Cody Finley

84        My Little Horsie #11

Stella McCarter

87        My Tabouret

Jacob Broderick

88        Tromp de l’eol

Molly Denninghoff

89      Acquaintances

Molly Denninghoff

89        Pieces of Shoe

Molly Denninghoff

93        Monster Mash #5

Mattheaus Leonhard

95        From the Castle Within

Kristan Baker

97        Block Portrait

Shawn Bennett


2        The Path to Obesity

Paul Mossine

7        Honest

Samantha Gelband

9        Overture

Lindsey King

16      Salt Reeds

Andrew Hillard

16        Lone Expanse

Andrew Hillard

18      A Rainy Night

Alexis Doggett

19      Helpless

Maria Hitt

22      Downtown Coldstone

Diana Mitrea

37      Falling Into the Light

Michelle Whitesides

37      The Wonders of Venice

Michelle Whitesides

53      No Skating

Lindsey Arrington

54        My House

Maria Hitt

90        Singular Vision

Marie Hitt

91      I Used to Hate Cell Phones; Now I Hate Car Accidents

Katie Hennman

Jewelry and Sculpture

3          Mien Liebling

Mattheus Leonhard

3        A Dolphin Sunrise

Katie Glenn

4        Beowulf’s Armor

Wendy Baston

5        A Twist on Punk

Marc Brotemarkle

8        Falling

Alexis Doggett

8        Fender

Annalee Curry

20      Foo bee

Trinity Köger

33        Hanging by a Thread

Sophia McGuirk

86        Samara

Amanda Whitworth

86      Down for the Count

Derrick King



40      Life in Sepia

Kenny Tan

53        Balloon Sunday

Kyndal Marshall


Epic Self Portrait

Jacob Broderick




Self Portrait

Oleg Izyumin



Road to Nowhere

Maria Hitt