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 NETS Standards

Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for All Teachers

Building on the NETS for Students, the ISTE NETS for Teachers (NETS*T), which focus on preservice teacher education, define the fundamental concepts, knowledge, skills, and attitudes for applying technology in educational settings. All candidates seeking certification or endorsements in teacher preparation should meet these educational technology standards. It is the responsibility of faculty across the university and at cooperating schools to provide opportunities for teacher candidates to meet these standards.

The six standards areas with performance indicators listed below are designed to be general enough to be customized to fit state, university, or district guidelines and yet specific enough to define the scope of the topic. Performance indicators for each standard provide specific outcomes to be measured when developing a set of assessment tools. The standards and the performance indicators also provide guidelines for teachers currently in the classroom.

Standard Description
Technology Operations and Concepts
Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences
Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum
Assessment and Evaluation
Productivity and Professional Practice
Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues

Standards and Standard Descriptions come from isteNETS