Classroom Expectations

Spanish at Hickman High School


Contacting Mrs. Phillips

There are a variety of ways to contact me. If it is an emergency, you might want to find me in room 252. However, if it isn't an emergency, you may contact me or check what is happening in class by:

I am usually around so don't give up. You can always ask another language teacher where I am.

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Basic Classroom Expectations

  • Be prepared
  • Be attentive
  • Be respectful
  • No food, drink or gum
  • Bring your textbook and your workbook

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Classroom Procedures

Class begins when the tardy bell rings. All should be SEATED at this time. Two tardies are allowed per quarter. The third and fourth tardy will result in a teacher assigned detention (TAD). The fifth tardy will result in a visit to your hall office. Visit the restroom, your locker and the drinking fountain on your own time. Plan accordingly. I reserve the right to restrict you from the privilege of leaving the classroom if it is abused.

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A basic list of supplies includes:

  • Folder or notebook for Spanish worksheets and homework. You shouldn't use your textbook for this purpose. You are not required to save your work but it is to your benefit if you do. It is helpful for preparation for tests and semester exams. It is also good to have a hard copy of your work in case I make a mistake recording an assignment.
  • Paper and writing instruments are necessary. I have pencils for sale for ten cents.
  • Textbook, McDougal Littel En espaņol 3 - Spanish 3 and Prentice Hall Paso A Paso 2 - Spanish 2, which you will receive the first week of school. Spanish students are required to keep their book covered the entire school year. It is your responsibility to keep track of your textbook. You also need to make sure that you write your name on the inside. This is a necessity to make it easier to return to you if your lose it.
  • Workbook/Lab Manual, McDougal Littel, En espaņol 3 - Spanish 3. There is a charge for this book. You may pay by cash or check. Make checks payable to Hickman High School.

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Absence from class will hurt your grade because you will miss class participation points and valuable class material. Ask in advance for homework assignments before a planned absence. Clear all planned extended absences (like a family trip) with your hall principal. Remember that if you have an unexcused absence you lose 10% from any work that we did during your absence. Likewise, if your absence is truant you will lose 50% from any work that we did.

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  • Expect it everyday, even if you feel like complaining it won't change the fact that you will still get some. My suggestion is to try and have a good attitude about it. Just as you can't become good at sports without practice, you cannot become good at Spanish without it either. Homework is meant to practice new skills and incorporate old ones.
  • Assignments are due WHEN CLASS BEGINS, otherwise only 50% credit is earned.
  • Homework is graded for points, completion or for participation points.
  • It is your responsibility to find out the homework assignment following an absence. I will record the assignments in a small assignment book in the classroom. After an absence, you should check this book, collect worksheets from the folder marked with your class, then ask questions if confused. You can also check my website, but worksheets are unavailable at this time from this site. However, if any of the assignments come from your workbook that is a good place to access this information if you are absent.

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Language Lab

The language lab is used to practice speaking and listening skills. You need to have a contract signed by a parent or guardian in order to work in the lab. I will give you a copy the first week of school. Along with practice, assignments may be completed for points. It is your responsibility to make these assignments up in the event you are absent. You are always given a deadline of week to complete it. Try not to procrastinate.

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Tests and Quizzes

Tests are given at regular intervals throughout the year. They are usually at the end of each unit. For each chapter, there is an open-note vocabulary quiz. You may not use your textbook, but you may use your notes. This is an opportunity to earn points that only take work on your part of looking up the meaning of vocabulary words. I usually do not tell you when these quizzes will be administered. I give them any time after I give you your vocabulary list. It is best if you start working right away. You need to make up both tests and quizzes upon returning from an absence. Missing one day does not excuse you from taking either a test or a quiz.

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Class Participation

It is required that you participate in class. I keep track of particpation and it becomes part of your grade. It usually ends up being approximately 10% of your grade.

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Getting Help

Help is available for those of you who want it. You need to be willing to work hard and you can be successful. The following are a list of opportunities available to those students needing extra help.

  • Tutoring - I am available before and after school on Mondays and by appointment on other days.
  • Personal tutors are available for those wanting more flexibility with meeting times (there is a cost involved with this option).
  • Friends who have taken Spanish are also a great resource for help.

You also need to remember that I am also available (see: Contacting Mrs. Phillips).

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Extra Credit

There are a few opportunities for extra credit in class. However, I will not give extra credit just because you need more points when you are not doing your regular class work. The following list includes some extra credit opportunities available to you.

  • 5-10 points on each test which usually involves a reading exercise.
  • 10-20 points for taking the National Spanish Exam (administered outside of class and costs $4).

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Grades are based on homework, labs, quizzes, tests and participation. Your grade will be based on the total number of points earned from the total points possible (cummulative). Your grade will posted periodically so that you know where you stand.

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Grade Scale

94 - 100 - A
90 - 93 - A-
87 - 89 - B+
83 - 86 - B
80 - 82 - B-
77 - 79 - C+
73 - 76 - C
70 - 72 - C-
67 - 69 - D+
63 - 66 - D
60 - 62 - D-
59 and below - F

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