Etapa preliminar

Spanish at Hickman High School

Actividades de espaņol 3

I have put activities together to help you practice grammar and vocabulary for each chapter. All you need to do is click on the appropriate activity below. Each activity will open to a new window.

bullet Verb Set 1

bullet Verb Set 2

bullet Classzone

bullet Conjuguemos - School ID:3225 - Go to "My Teacher" and choose "el presente indicativo"

bullet Verbos para la prueba

bullet Learn Spanish

bullet Preterite formation

bullet Preterite tense practice

bullet Preterite tense practice

bullet Verbs p. 27

bullet Cultura

bullet Cultura

bullet Present tense verb review

bullet Preterite of regular verbs

bullet Preterite - (car, gar, zar)

bullet Present tense

bullet Present tense

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