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Welcome to Columbia Public Schools' Transportation Department. Our mission is to ensure safe, efficient and reliable transportation service for the children of our school district. The district contracts with First Student to provide transportation services. If you have questions regarding your child's transportation, please contact First Student offices by phoning (573) 474-9473.

General Information

The Columbia School District provides transportation to and from school for all resident students in grades kindergarten through eight (K-8) who reside one (1) mile or more from their school of attendance, and for all resident students in grades nine through twelve (9-12) who reside two (2) miles or more from their school of attendance.

Parents of students ineligible for transportation per the above-referenced district policy may, on an individual basis, contract with First Student for transportation service. This service will be provided if requested by parents, but only in those cases where the number of students and the routes of travel justify such an arrangement. Pay ridership will not be considered if it requires additional bus routes or a significant deviation to an existing route. The per-student cost of pay ridership for the 2013-14 school year is $157.12 per semester.

Bus Safety/Rules

Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children to, from, and while at school bus stops. Students should always use their assigned bus stop. Students should arrive at their assigned bus stop five to ten minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.

District school buses are considered extensions of the school environment. Any student whose conduct on district transportation is improper or jeopardizes the safety of other students may be suspended from district transportation services and may be disciplined in accordance with district policy. Uniform rules of conduct and disciplinary measures will be enforced. When a student does not exhibit proper conduct on a bus, the building principal shall be notified in writing by the school bus driver. Any offense committed by a student on district-provided transportation shall be punished in the same manner as if the offense had been committed at the student's assigned school. Students who become a serious disciplinary problem on school transportation will have their riding privileges suspended by the principal. In such cases, the parents/guardians of the children involved shall become responsible for the transportation of their children to and from school.

To assist us in our task of ensuring all of our children are transported in the safest environment possible, the district has established the rules of student conduct listed below. Please take a few moments to discuss these rules with your children:

    1. Obey the bus driver. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    2. Keep head, hands, feet and objects to yourself and inside the bus. Keep the aisles clear.
    3. Remain seated in your assigned seat. (Back To Back, Seat To Seat).
    4. Do not eat, drink, litter, write on, or damage the bus in any way.
    5. Use respectful language. No loud talking or noises, no cursing or swearing.

Severe: Fighting, Smoking or Carrying Weapons.

The Transportation Department wants to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and efficient ride to and from school for all students. In addition to the rules listed above, please remember a few additional tips for safe school bus riding:

    1. Leave home early enough to arrive at the bus stop on time.
    2. Wait for the bus in a safe place. Show respect for others' property.
    3. Use only your assigned bus stop.
    4. Never bring animals, glass, weapons, or explosive materials on the bus.
    5. Large objects such as hockey sticks, skateboards, ball bats, large band instruments,
    or other items that may cause a safety concern are prohibited from being transported on the school bus.

Scheduling and Routing

Bus routes, schedules and stops will be developed under the direction of the superintendent following procedures set by the State Board of Education. The purpose of bus scheduling and routing will be to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses and to render reasonable and equal service to all eligible students.

School bus routes will be approved by the Board no later than October for initial approval, and no later than June for the final modifications made during the school year.

Bus routes will follow the most direct roads practicable for bus travel to serve those students entitled to transportation service. Where an alternate route may be selected without sacrifice of efficiency or economy, preference will be given to that route serving the largest number of students more directly. Attention will be given to creating safe routes to schools that encourage walking or biking by students. The Board encourages bus routes and schedules that incorporate a short distance of safe walking into every student's transportation plan.

Routes will be designed to eliminate as many turn-around points as possible and to employ as nearly as practicable the full carrying capacity for each bus trip. No bus will be overloaded. New routes will be established only when capacity of the existing routes has been reached or is imminent.

Authorized bus stops will be located at convenient intervals for students and in places where students may board and get off, cross highways and await arrival of buses with the utmost safety permitted by highway conditions. The location of the students' residences, the age and grade of the students, the road conditions and the funds available will be considered when determining bus routes.

Students will ride their assigned buses, getting on and getting off at their regularly assigned stops, unless a note from their parent or guardian authorizes students to depart at other than their regular stop or to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. Notes will be subject to approval by the superintendent or designee. In unusual or emergency situations, parents/guardians may request to have their child picked up or dropped off at a different spot by directly communicating to the superintendent or designee.

If you have questions or concerns and would like to speak with your child's bus driver, please phone First Student at (573) 474-9473. Please do not delay the bus by attempting to speak with the bus driver at the bus stop as they have a schedule to maintain. Additionally, please realize that boarding a school bus without prior permission from the district is considered trespassing in the state of Missouri.

Bus Routes

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Danger Zones

It is important for all parents/guardians to discuss the DANGER ZONES with their children. Please instruct your children to stay 10 feet away from where the bus stops in the morning and to step 10 feet away from the bus when exiting. If students must cross the street they must always cross in front of the bus. Never cross behind the bus.

Trips to and from the school bus stop

Conduct at school bus loading zones and bus stops

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Snow Routes

Click here for the 2013-14 snow routes. If your address does not appear on this list, your child should go to his or her regular bus stop.


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