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Center for Gifted Education

Jake Giessman

Jake Giessman,
Nick Kremer

Terry Gaines,

Columbia Public Schools' gifted programs operate under the guidelines for gifted programs established by the state of Missouri. Additional information on state-assisted gifted programs can be found on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Web site

There will be differences in the characteristics of or behaviors exhibited by gifted children. Some common characteristics of gifted students are:

  • Superior reasoning powers
  • Persistent intellectual curiosity
  • Wide range of interests
  • Marked superiority in quality or quantity of written and/or spoken vocabulary
  • Reads avidly and absorbs books well beyond his or her years
  • Learns quickly and easily and retains what is learned
  • Shows insight to arithmetical problems that require careful reasoning and grasps mathematical concepts readily
  • Has a keen sense of humor
  • Sets high standards for self

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Columbia Public Schools
Center for Gifted Education
Field School
1010 Rangeline Street
Columbia, MO 65201

Co-director: Ms. Terry Gaines
Co-director: Mr. Jake Giessman
Secretary: Ms. Mary Colgin

Phone: (573) 214-3750
Fax: (573) 214-3751

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The Columbia Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, or use of leave protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act, in its programs, activities, or with regard to employment. The Columbia Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer. Inquiries regarding Columbia Public Schools' compliance with IDEA and Section 504 regulations should contact the offices or individuals below: Special Services (IDEA) Dr. Lou Ann Tanner-Jones (Section 504 Coordinator) at 1818 West Worley, Columbia MO, 65203, (573) 214-3400.  Notice of nondiscrimination