CSIP Committees

During the fall of 2009, the Columbia Public School District created a new five-year strategic plan. The Board of Education desired a very high level of community input in crafting the plan.

The process was structured through six committees: a steering committee that will coordinate and oversee the work, and working committees in each of five areas. Each working committee was charged with analyzing data and considering community input regarding its goal area, and then drafting measurable objectives that describe what the district should accomplish over the next five years.

The Board of Education approved the new vision, mission and values for the school district in 2010.  View the vision, mission and values.


Steering Committee
Will develop the mission and vision statements for the district plan and oversee the planning process.

Student Performance
Goal: Develop and enhance quality educational/instructional programs to improve performance and enable students to meet their personal, academic, and career goals.

Goal: Govern the district in an efficient and effective manner, providing leadership and representation to benefit the students, staff, and patrons of the district.

Highly Qualified Staff
Goal: Recruit, attract, develop, and retain highly qualified staff to carry out the district's mission, goals, and objectives.

Parent and Community Involvement
Goal: Promote, facilitate, and enhance parent, student, and community involvement in district educational programs.

Facilities, Instructional Resources, and Support
Goal: Provide and maintain appropriate instructional resources, support services, and safe facilities.