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Parents of Influence Summit

Hello Benton parents!

An exciting opportunity for you is on the horizon.  The “Parents of Influence Summit” is an initiative to enhance the involvement of parents in the educational processes of their children.  This will take place on Saturday, October 18th from 9:00-12:00 AM at the Columbia Public Schools’ administration building, which is at 1818 W. Worley Street.

You do need to RSVP.  This summit also includes breakfast and free child care.  For more information, please consult the official flyer.

Our Outdoor Classroom!

Our Elaine Kent Outdoor Garden is an awesome site for hands-on learning.    We plant all kinds of vegetables, weed the gardens, and then compost our waste material.  Classes schedule times to come down and care for the gardens, and we also have some students who volunteer to help out during their recesses.

Our garden fosters all kinds of learning activities!  Last year we conducted a school-wide contest to see who could guess how many seeds would be found in our largest pumpkin!

For more information on our garden as an outdoor classroom, visit our STEM Specialist Dr. McCullar’s website.

Photo Sep 02, 10 16 48 AM

One of our pumpkins was attacked by squash bugs!

Photo Sep 02, 1 14 39 PM

Tilling and weeding. You can see the pumpkin soaking in soapy water in the background. Goodbye, squash bugs!

Photo Sep 02, 1 15 03 PM


Photo Sep 02, 1 14 22 PM

Lots of weeding to do!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Benton STEM!  Or, for those of you first timers, welcome!  We’re all so excited to be here for another year of awesome learning through discovery and leading with character!

Our kindergarteners will start on Thursday!  We can hardly wait!

If you haven’t bought your school supplies list yet, here’s a link to the materials your student will need: 2014-15 School Supply List.

And have you joined our school’s PTA yet?  Contact them here.  Your $5.00 membership fee goes a long way toward helping our school!

We’re looking forward to engaging your students in learning and  collaborating with yo along the way as well!  Your involvement with your kids is so helpful to us!


Fifth graders sort through paper from recycling bins to find examples of numbers to clip and categorize. How many ways do we use numbers?

Summer Engineering Camp!

Benton held its second annual Summer Engineering Camp last week (July 14-18).  It was a huge success and so much fun for all involved!  Students engineered marble roller coasters, pop-sickle stick skyscrapers, and so much more!  Check out a few pictures from the week below.

photo 1
photo 3
photo 4

Our Spring STEM Showcase!

We held our annual Spring STEM Showcase on Friday, May 30th.  Our Fall Showcase involves community members sharing the STEM work they do in their careers and hobbies.  Our Spring Showcase, though, is different.  This time, it’s about out students displaying some really cool STEM projects they’ve done this year.

Check out the video below to see some of the awesome projects our students shared with us!