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Open House Feedback Survey

Hello Benton Family,

We’d like for you to give us some feedback on our plans for next year’s back-to-school Open House.  We’d appreciate it if you took a few minutes to fill out this anonymous survey for us.  Thank you for your time!

Spring Choir Concert ’14!

On Tuesday, May 20th, Benton STEM held its annual Spring Concert.  It was at Memorial Baptist Church, and it was a blast!  We appreciate Memorial Baptist for their continual support of our program!

Check out the video of the concert below!  If you want to skip to a certain song, here are the start times of the individual songs:

“Amazing Grace” — 0:58
“Counting Stars” — 3:37
“Let It Go” — 8:20
“Roar” — 12:16
“Mirrors” — 16:10
“Benton Bees” — 20:40
“Happy” — 23:03

And many thanks go to our concert videographer, Bryce!


Also, check out this video Mr. Gerhart took of the concert!

Ms. Erikson earns award!

On May 16th, in recognition of National Teachers Day, the Columbia Mall awarded our very own Ms. Erikson with a $500 gift card to the mall!

Ms. Erikson was nominated by the Mall’s Facebook followers as one of the “top performing teachers in the community.”  After assembling a list of nominees, the Mall asked its followers to vote for the top teacher.  Ms. Erikson received the most votes and won the prize!

Here’s the official press announcement!


Here’s Ms. Erikson with her gift card!


Cardboard Boat Race 2014!

For the past few years, Mr. Gerhart’s third and fourth grade classes have participated in the Cardboard Boat Race, which benefits the Food Bank and is held at Bass Pro Shops north of town.  This year’s race occurred on Saturday, April 12th.

His class engineers the whole boat from just cardboard and duct tape.  This year they settled on a pontoon-style raft that could seat seven paddlers!

cardboard boat

In the week leading up to the race, some of his students were interviewed on the radio to talk about their engineering process.  Here’s a recording (you might need to view this in Chrome to get it to work):

Here’s a video that documents the process and the big day!  Way to go, engineers!

1st Annual Science Fair a Success!

Benton held its first annual Science Fair on Saturday, May 3rd.  Our cafeteria was filled with projects from all over the District!  It was very exciting to see the interest in science our District has cultivated in our schools!


Of all the experiments and projects, we had two Grand Prize winners — they earned perfect scores from our judges!  Our Grand Prize winners are shown below.



The two winners shown in our last picture also had the opportunity to be interviewed for the Tribune‘s “Ask a Scientist” column.  Read the small article about them here.

Stay tuned for information on our 2nd Annual Science Fair in 2015!